We recognise that on occasion it is necessary to remove trees, perhaps for safety reasons due to death or structural integrity being compromised posing a threat to nearby property and person. Sometimes trees just simply outgrow their environment. Regardless of size, condition or location, GTF Tree Care can remove your tree quickly, safely and expertly with no inconvenience to you. Our highly trained professional tree surgeons will evaluate the risk and decide on the safest, most efficient and cost effective way to remove your tree whilst protecting your outbuildings and lawn.  Often our felling involves operating in tight and complex surroundings so we dismantle the tree carefully and in manageable sections to ensure a smooth operation and safety at all times.

We section fell in situations where there may be risk of damage occurring to property or person. Section felling is the entire removal of the tree, in sections. Section felled trees are dismantled using the step cut, break off and controlled lowering with ropes. This will ensure that we do not damage any nearby sheds greenhouses or property belonging to you or your neighbors’. We are one of the few tree surgeons that use protective boards to protect your property and lawn.

Alternatively the straight fell method of trees removal is the felling of the trees as a single unit. Straight felling is limited to situations that pose no risk of damage to property or person. Trees to be straight felled will be guided by the use of pulling ropes and felling wedges as necessary to ensure the correct direction of a controlled fall.

All tree waste is removed and taken away for recycling leaving the site clean and safe. We work quickly and efficiently to ensure minimum disruption to you, your neighbour and general public.

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