Hedge Cutting

Here at GTF Tree Care we believe that hedge cutting is a task that should be carried out by a trained professional who has knowledge of the shrubs and trees they are cutting and training on the potentially dangerous equipment they are using. Hedge trimming is an art in itself which, when done professionally will enhance any garden.

GTF Tree Care has extensive experience in all forms of hedge cutting from formative pruning to maintenance trims.  For newly planted hedges we recommend formative pruning for the first 2 years. Thereafter maintenance trimming follows once a year for informal hedges and two to three times a year for a more structured formal hedge. Professional hedge trimming will keep your hedges dense, compact and will help reduce the chance of disease. We specialise in extremely high hedge maintenance and control. Hedge cutting is a specialised skill and for your own safety we recommend you call a professional.

If you are experiencing problems managing your hedge, loss of light to your property or complaining neighbours, see our FAQ page.

At GTF Tree Care we believe in working closely with our customers to achieve the best possible result.

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