Storm Damage

Trees are particularly vulnerable to the effects of high winds during a storm and sustain various types of damage as a result.  A storm damaged tree is often left unsafe and unstable. That’s why it’s imperative to employ a professional tree surgeon to tackle the problem.  GTF Tree Care has extensive experience in dealing with dangerous and vulnerable trees. We are able to quickly assess the problems and provide the best possible solution whether that’s a full dismantling or just a heavy prune to remove the damaged branches.  We offer a 24hour emergency service when there is imminent danger to person and property.


Rehabilitation or Removal?

The decision to save or remove a storm-damaged tree is usually a subjective one. Emotions often are the overriding factor in the decision process, especially when the damaged tree is very large or old. A few points to keep in mind when deciding whether to rehabilitate or remove your storm-damaged tree:

Has the damage rendered the tree hazardous to property, people or pets?

If the tree can be salvaged, assess whether it will ever look “right” again with some semblance of symmetry.

If significant bark has been ripped or loosened from the trunk, be realistic about the tree’s potential for attack from disease.

It is important to remember that trees can become dangerous for many other reasons. A tree hit by a vehicle or a decaying diseased tree can be equally unstable and dangerous. GTF Tree care can advise you on the best method to deal with your storm damaged/dangerous trees.



Although not strictly necessary from a health point of view for most trees, dead wood removal is often necessary to improve the appearance of a tree but more over is essential for health & safety reasons where limbs overhang pedestrian walk ways, roads and car parks.

See our advice on dangerous trees on our FAQ page.

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