What was the problem?

Mrs S approached us earlier this year because she had a large conifer in her rear garden that she wanted felled. She also wanted the stump removing. The problem was that the client did not have side or rear access; therefore, the stump grinding machine and the waste would have to come through her property.

What was the solution?

To avoid causing any damage to the client’s home we laid boards to protect her wooden floors and covered as much of her hallway as possible with protective sheeting. This allowed us to take our machinery through the house and safely remove the waste. Luckily Mrs S has plenty of room in her garden and we were able to set up the machinery and complete the task with ease.

What was the result?

Mrs S was very pleased with the results and the effort we made to avoid damaging her home. In the end we managed to cut down the conifer and remove all of the stumps in good time. We made sure all of the machinery was packed up and ready to go before we removed any protective sheeting to ensure her home was safe during the removal process.

Customer testimonial

“Any other tree surgeons would’ve said it was impossible. Very impressed with the level of effort to simply protect my property and make it happen. It was quite clearly a strenuous day, but they ploughed through and got the job done without any problems. Would definitely use again.”

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