What was the problem?

Mr & Mrs H from Ware, Hertfordshire called us because they had a very large lime tree in the rear of their garden that they believed was diseased. I informed them that I would need to take a look at it in person to make an accurate diagnosis and ensure it hadn’t infected any of the surroundings.

What was the solution?

We carried out a site visit and confirmed that the tree was indeed diseased. My original advice was to fell; however, the clients were adamant that they wanted to retain the tree for as long as possible. As a compromise we suggested that the tree should be heavily reduced. This would minimise the risk of the tree falling. Mr & Mrs H were very happy with this suggestion and the work was carried out.

What was the result?

We significantly reduced the tree and ensured all visible problems were seen to. While this isn’t the usual course of action, it seems to have temporarily done the trick. I have, however, advised my clients that the tree should be regularly inspected by a tree surgeon and will probably need to be felled within the next 5 years.

Customer testimonial

“It’s a real shame about the lime tree as it’s been a part of our home for many years. I’m very happy with the service and understand that a visit from the tree surgeon will be required in the not-so-distant future… We’re just not quite ready to say our goodbyes yet!”

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