What was the problem?

Mr & Mrs B from Ongar, Essex contacted us very early one morning in January after they woke up to find 3 very large conifer trees in front of their property. They had fallen over in strong winds and were completely blocking their driveway, effectively leaving them housebound. I agreed to carry out a site visit immediately due to their distressed state.

What was the solution?

When I arrived at the property I realized just how severe the problem was. It would take more than a day to clean up the mess, so we immediately cleared the trees from the driveway – which allowed my clients to get to work – and returned the following day to clear the whole site.

What was the result?

Mr & Mrs B were extremely impressed that we were able to attend so quickly and resolve the problem with minimum intrusion. When such unpredictable issues occur tree surgeons must adapt to the situation and find a short-term solution until the right equipment and time becomes available. We had to work around the problem by splitting the job over two days, otherwise Mr and Mrs B would have been unable to travel to work.

Customer testimonial

“It was like waking up to a nightmare. I don’t know what we would’ve done without professional help. I am very impressed with the service and happy to report that the trees were removed in a safe and timely manner.”

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