What was the problem?

Mr P from Enfield had been receiving complaints from the neighbour at the rear of his property because he had very large lime trees overshadowing his garden. His neighbour was not only frustrated about the size, but concerned for his safety. The lime trees were located right on the boundary and had significant over-hang, which caused them to virtually block out sunlight.

What was the solution?

Mr P needed a tree surgeon to reduce the size of the trees from 80ft to 50ft (30ft). Due to the height, the level of reduction and the position at the rear boundary of the garden, it wasn’t a simple trimming job. Before we began, we had to protect Mr P’s and his neighbour’s property using reinforced boards. We covered up all of the sensitive areas and got to work the very same day.

What was the result?

Although this was a tricky job, our tree surgeons carried out the task safely and without any issues. The reduction has increased the light in both gardens and, at the same time, alleviated both Mr P’s and his neighbour’s fear of the lime trees falling. Now the trees are at a manageable height and unlikely to cause any problems, providing they are maintained.

Customer Testimonial

“The job was completed in good time. I no longer have to deal with complaints from my neighbour or fear for the wellbeing of my home. Everybody is over-the-moon with the result and relations within the local community have definitely improved.”

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