What was the problem?

Mrs G from Chelmsford, Essex called us because her neighbour’s eucalyptus tree and conifer hedge were hanging over her property and causing excessive shade to her home and garden. Her lawn had died and she was having problems getting anything to grow nearby.

What was the solution?

We carried out a site visit and suggested that she speak to her neighbour about how to tackle the issue. We recommended cutting back the hedge to her neighbour’s boundary line and felling the eucalyptus tree. It had been planted too close and was causing several problems to my client. Thankfully the neighbour agreed that the tree had been allowed to get too big for its surroundings and was in full agreement with our suggestion. We proceeded with the removal immediately.

What was the result?

The eucalyptus tree was sectional felled and lowered on ropes to protect my client’s property. It’s never an easy task to remove a tree of such a huge magnitude, but we managed in the end. The difference to the amount of light coming into the garden was immediate. Mrs G was delighted with the outcome and is looking forward to having a healthier lawn.

Customer testimonial

“Both my neighbour and I are very pleased with the result. The garden is now healthier and a much more pleasant place to spend time. In addition, removing the eucalyptus tree has provided some much needed peace of mind regarding the safety of my property.”

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