The law protects certain individual and groups of trees. Those trees that have Tree Preservations Orders (TPO’s) or are within conservation areas are protected under a range of legislation that makes it an offence to carry out any work on those trees without permission from the Local Authority. TPOs can be placed on any tree that has amenity value. Trees that are exempt from TPOs are those that are dead, dying, diseased or dangerous and fruit trees grown for the commercial production of fruit. TPOs can apply to any species and size of tree.TPOs prohibit the cutting down, uprooting, topping, lopping, wilful damage or wilful destruction of trees without the local authorities consent. The maximum penalty for carrying out works to TPO trees without consent is £20,000. It is an offence to wilfully damage or destroy, uproot, top lop or cut down a tree with a TPO.

If you have a TPO on your tree, there is no need to be concerned. GTF Tree Care will liaise directly with your local authority regarding the work needed and we will complete all the necessary application forms on your behalf.